Check Out this Healthy Healing Herbs & Spices Infographic

The following herbs and spices are really great tasting and have wonderful health benefits! All of them are AIP Paleo friendly except for coriander, fenugreek, and fennel, which come from seeds of the plant. However, they can be used during the AIP Paleo reintroduction phase. If you’re only doing Paleo, then all of these herbs and spices are great to add flavor and health benefits!


For more information about safe spices during AIP Paleo, check out Sarah Ballantyne’s blog post, Spices on Autoimmune Protocol.

For my infographics design class, I had to choose a topic I was passionate about to create an infographic. I decided to make something useful for my blog, so here’s the result! Please credit me if you decide to share.

I hope you learn something new about how these tasty ingredients can make a big difference in your healing process. Especially for people with digestive issues (and autoimmune diseases like hidradenitis suppurativa), you should use turmeric and ginger!

Thanks for reading!

XO, Kelsey

One thought on “Check Out this Healthy Healing Herbs & Spices Infographic

  1. Hey Kelsey! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing! Awesome research work and great summarizing and presentation skills! I am vegetarian (would say 80% vegan since I consume very little dairy) and I´m currently in the process of improving my eating habits. It would amazing to get some inputs from you on foods that would give me a boost in eating healthy without requiring much preparation and with solid antiageing properties since I´m getting old! haha
    Thank you very much for freely sharing your expertise and know-how and doing it in such an easy way for the reader!
    Best wishes and keep strong!


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