About Kelsey

Hi there, thanks for visiting! I’m sharing my adventures–from design, travel, and photography (my greatest passions)– to any place my stomach takes me.

In July 2015, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune (or may auto-inflammatory, but docs still don’t agree) called hidradenitis suppurativa (HS for short) and felt doomed, until I found the AIP Paleo (Autoimmune Protocol for Paleo) diet. I kickstarted my journey to find relief and healing. In late 2018, I was also diagnosed with IBS. It wasn’t a shock to me, though I am glad to have something official in my record.

My journey to be “healthy” has been up and down and I want to share my experience so that the millions of people managing chronic diseases can feel supported and hopefully like they have some agency for their own healing journey. Diet and nutrition have been the cornerstone of my healing, though my physical health and mental health have been inextricably tied together. In order to feel as great as I do today, I’ve had to work on both!

I sometimes use recipes and then other times I improvise. Feel free to change up the recipes as you see fit. What I write is my recommendation from the multiple times I have tried to make the recipe. As well, I try very hard to always include spices and herbs that are great healing.

Currently, I work in civic tech. I am extremely passionate about helping others learn how to improve their bodies and lifestyles through lifestyle change. Advocacy is a huge part of my work. I want to use my blog as a way to engage with others on this topic because it can be a scary time to go through the experience of an autoimmune disease, especially if you’re doing this alone.

Feel free to reach out to contact me. To see more adventures, check out my instagram, twitter, or my design/photography portfolio.